Why Reupholster?

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  • QUALITY:  Good, well-made furniture has been overshadowed by the "throw away" mass market options available today.  Reupholstering a classic ensures that you will continue to have a quality product that you already love and can be passed on to future generations.

  • UPDATE:  For those who love to keep up with the trends or those just looking to update their decor, reupholstery allows the client to customize their furniture to fit their design by use of fabrics and embellishments you won't find at department stores.

  • RESTORATION: Antiques are a great investment whether purchased or inherited. The Mill End Store carries thousands of classic, elegant fabrics that will bring your treasure back to life.

  • SANITATION:  Just like mattresses, furniture accumulates dust particles and bacteria or it may sustain water and/or mold damage  Reupholstering is an option when the fabric is too delicate to clean or to completely remove any signs of damage.